Welcome to Little Picassos Schwabing

Run by Cynthia Drack, Little Picassos Schwabing provides project based learning art classes for children. Integrating art making with art history, each session is focused on identifying and stimulating children's artistic abilites. 

Children work with a variety of techniques and mediums, and are able to use both household and professional materials. Lots of fun is had creating artistic replicas of the great artists, creating nature art, sketching, abstract art, art making with varying materials, learning the science of color, perspective and how art entwines itself into life.

Our Difference

Language and creative impact - For the child's mind and soul!

Each class is innovative, and structured in a way where children remember techniques, artists, ideas and reasons for their project. Focusing on educating in English, Cynthia gently stimulates children's artistic, perceptive and motor skills, while story telling. Each child is encouraged to independently make their own masterpiece, as Cynthia monitors each child closely, making sure to point out their artistic strengths and skills, to build confidence and self awareness.

About Us

Little Picassos Schwabing is based in Schwabing, the art centre of Munich. Run by Cynthia Drack, a native English speaker and marketing and creative professional, she channelled what was learnt through her work with artists, graphic artists, illustrators, technologists and child care centers into a love of teaching art in a non traditional format. She holds a Bachelor in Business (Marketing) and a Bachelor in Arts (Psychology) and uses her knowledge of psychology and her expertise in visual communication to allow children to nurture their love for art and art making.  

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